Welcome to An Otaku Abroad Blog

Hello and welcome to An Otaku Abroad Blog! On this blog you will find tips and tricks to save money while vacationing or studying abroad in every otaku’s (anime/manga fan) holyland, Japan!

What right do I have giving you advice? I studied abroad in Japan for 5 months from late March to late July in 2011 (yes, I was there when the massive earthquake hit), and while in Japan, I learned so much that I just had to share! A common myth among anime fans is that while Japan is the godsend motherland of anime fans (which is true), it is horrifyingly expensive to travel there. And if you stay at expensive hotels, shop at expensive stores, eat expensive food, and do expensive activities, then yes, Japan can be very expensive! But say you did things a little differently like, stay at cheap hostels, shop at used-goods stores, eat food that normal people eat (which is better than the fancy stuff anyway), and only do a few expensive activities along with some cheap ones, Japan can be more affordable than you may realize.

So without any further ado, read on and find out that Japan is not impossible to visit. You can live the otaku dream!


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