Anime Recommendations: Pretear

Hulu Description:
Himeno was a normal sixteen-year old girl until the Leafe Knights burst into her life and revealed that she is a being known as the Pretear. Blessed with unique powers, Himeno must help her new friends stop the evil Princess of Disaster!


Magical girl and reverse harem haters be warned, this is not the show for you. Pretear is a short (only 13 episodes) anime series that is simple, but entertaining. It’s about a likable female protagonist who gets new powers, has to save the world, yada yada yada. If you’ve seen any magical girl anime, you know the drill. However, this show does a better job of being funny (I got a lot of good laughs from the main character and her family), and this show is one where brevity works in it’s favor since it doesn’t go on and on forever like many other magical girl shows out there (In the name of the moon, I will punish you with 200 episodes!). So while this one is silly and fairly stereotypical, it’s fun so I give it a recommendation with shojo warnings.

You can watch the series on Hulu.

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