Culture Note: Blood Types

People often wonder why on profiles of Japanese characters in anime, movies, and television in addition to listing name and age, often blood type is mentioned as well. In Japan, if you get to know someone well, chances are high they will ask you what your blood type is. The reason for this is many people believe that blood types are associated with personality (kind of like the horoscope), and compatibility with other people. The general “personalities” associated with blood types is as follows:

A Blood Type
Perfectionist, punctual, shy, intellectual, patient, pigheaded

B Blood Type
Does things in a practical way, great capacity for concentration, individualist, thoughts above feelings

O Blood Type
Energetic, social, extroverted, leader, arrogant

AB Blood Type
Mixes characteristics from all groups, is considered a “cool” person (which can be both good and bad), and is compatible with all other blood types

And here are the compatibilities associated with the blood types:

A is compatible with A and AB
B is compatible with B and AB
AB is compatible with AB, B, A, and O
O is compatible with O and AB.

Interesting note: about 40% of the Japanese population have B blood type.

Guides for different blood types

Lucky Star – notice the “probably”

For a more detailed analysis of the personalities check out the Wikipedia page on it. And for a more anime-related analysis, check out’s article about it.

So what’s your blood type? Think your blood type matches your personality?


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