Anime Recommendations: Slayers

Hulu Description:
In a land of fantasy and fairytale, magic rules and one can prosper by the point of a sword. But somewhere between the realms of good and evil, a band of misfits stumble upon an artifact which could prove the undoing of all…

Time to kick it old-school fantasy parody with Slayers! Slayers follows the adventures of Lina Inverse and her entourage of entertaining characters as they travel through magical lands (and sometimes saving the world on the way). Slayers may be considered “old” (from the 90s) for an anime, but it’s humor is still just as funny as when it first came out and the characters continue to remain endearing and fun. There are several seasons, including one that just came out recently. I think the best season is Slayers Next (season 2), but you should watch season 1 both to understand what’s going on, and because it’s really funny!

You can watch the series on Hulu.

Slayers – Image from


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