Travel Tips: Business Hotels

Business hotels are the happy medium between hostels and hotels. These are the types of hotels that businessmen use when thy have to travel around the country. I would recommend these types of hotels for people that abhor the idea of sharing a communal space with others in a hostel and balk at the high price tag of a regular hotel. However, there are usually only single and double rooms available so there are no accommodations for larger families (at least for having everyone stay in the same room). The rooms are small, but private. They include their own bathroom, Wi-Fi, and other basic amenities that any businessperson would expect.

However, I only stayed in one business hotel during my travels, so I do not have a lot of extra information other than do not expect the staff to speak English, and if the electricity in your room does not seem to be working for some reason, check the wall to see if there is a slot where you can insert and turn your key (usually near the door). This will turn on the electricity in your room. Removing your key will then turn off the electricity, which saves energy when no one is in the room.



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