Studying Abroad 101: Quick Tips

Want to study abroad in Japan? Here are some quick tips from other websites about studying abroad:

Go Overseas gives some great tips about communication and dining etiquette:

Third Year Abroad talks about saving money and making lists:

Go Abroad answers some common confusing questions about Japan:

Texan in Tokyo mentions some of the problems you might not think of like medicine, clothing, and walking:


3 thoughts on “Studying Abroad 101: Quick Tips

    • Thanks for your comment! The courses offered depend on what kind of study abroad program you enter (and how long it is), though most focus on learning the Japanese language. Here are some programs:

      Fees can vary drastically. If you are doing it through a college, the costs are about the same as a regular semester (not including airfare/expenses). If you are doing it on your own, the costs can get very high, but there are usually scholarships available. Just make sure to apply early!

      As for working in Japan, the schools/government tend not to want students to have jobs (in order for them to focus on their studies), but it is possible to get permission if you work with your school. The most common type of work you can expect to get is as an English teacher/tutor.

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